Wakefield Plumbing Engineer – FAQ’s

Wakefield Plumbing Engineer – FAQ’s

As a Wakefield plumbing engineer we are constantly being asked about everything about boilers, from the installation to the best type. We don’t mind, as that’s what we specialise in, but we want to make it easy for you. After all, Boilers can be pretty complex, so no wonder that there’s so many question.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions and thought we would share some of our expert advice on boilers.

What is a combi boiler?
A combi boiler provides a property with both central heating and hot water, meaning that there is no need for a separate water tank or hot water storage cylinders. As a Wakefield plumbing engineer we are seeing more and more property owners deciding to install a combi boiler instead of traditional heating and hot water system.

Do combi boilers have any benefits?
One key benefit of a combi boiler is the fact that they provide both central heating and hot water. This combination of powering both the heating and hot water can often mean that many homeowners find a reduction in their energy bills as they are often more economically friendly. Plus, they are very reliable, especially if serviced annually to keep them in top working condition. A service really is recommended and also keeps your warranty valid.

Who can service my boiler?
As a Wakefield plumbing engineer myself, the rest of my team or another gas safe registered engineer are all qualified to complete a service on your boiler. Having your boiler serviced every year will give you peace of mind that your appliance is operating safely and efficiently. Plus, it also reduces the risk of any potential boiler breakdown.
An annual service is by a gas safe registered engineer is very important to validate your boiler warranty, as many companies and boiler manufacturers will dismiss warranties without an annual service.

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Is a new boiler expensive?
Investing in a new boiler isn’t necessarily cheap, but it is definitely an investment in your home. Often boiler and central heating systems often go hand in hand, to create the most effective and energy efficient system, saving you both time and money in the long run. At Bright Gas we have a boiler finance scheme in which you can pay towards your boiler in monthly instalments and not have to face one big up front fee.

If you’re not sure which boiler is right for your home, we are happy to carry out a free survey and provide you with plenty of advice on the best boiler for your home.

Do the radiators need to be replaced when getting a new boiler?
No, as long as your boilers are in a good working condition and providing heat, your radiators do not need to be replaced. If you are getting a member of our team to provide a quote for a new boiler, get them to double check your radiators whilst they are there too. If you do think they are underperforming they may just need a little TLC.

As a team of Wakefield plumbing engineers we are here to solve any of your boiler queries. If you’ve got a question that we haven’t yet covered then just give us a call!