How much is a new boiler?

How much is a new boiler?

At Bright Gas, we understand that investing in a new boiler is a serious investment. That’s why we make sure that all boilers are individually designed and installed to suit your property and your specific needs. Your boiler is the heart of your home; heating up radiators, providing hot water for baths and showers and keeping you warm and comfortable in your home. So, it’s important that you get everything perfect.

Often boiler and central heating systems often go hand in hand, to create the most effective and energy efficient system, saving you both time and money. There comes a time when a new boiler is an essential and there’s no getting around it. However, the question we get asked all the time is ‘How much will a new gas boiler cost me?’


We often have this question and while no install is the same we can often give you a very accurate guide price with a few questions and assessing your current boiler set up.


What type of boiler do you want to install?


One of the biggest cost factors involved when installing a new boiler will depend on the size and type of boiler you require, and the installation company you use. Typically, new boilers cost between £1000 – £2300.  However, the most important thing is finding a boiler that suits both you and your home.

In today’s market the biggest seller and most popular type of boiler is the combi boiler. A combi boiler heats water directly from the mains, allowing a constant supply of hot water and alleviating the need for a separate water tank.

They are one of the most efficient types of boiler as they will only heat water on demand.

However, just as there are many different types of homes, so there are many different types of boiler; including conventional, system and back boilers.


How much is a new boiler?

Boiler prices vary considerably as a result of build qualities and levels of after-sales support. As a general rule, budget boilers offer shorter life spans, shorter warranties and reduced levels of customer support. Whilst they are cheap to install they tend to be expensive to maintain and less efficient to run.

As a general guide the lower down the pricing range you go then the lower the warranty and guarantee period on your new boiler would be. A typical lower priced boiler comes come with a 2 year parts and labour warranty whereas a top of the range boiler often 10 year warranty, which is a massive difference and the price isn’t necessarily that much more expensive – especially when you think your boiler may be covered for an additional 8 years.


Here’s our quick pricing guide:


Budget-friendly boiler prices – a typical like for like boiler such as a Ravenheat or a Vokera fitted in 3 bedroom semi would cost from £1100 to £1300 with a 2 to 5 year parts and labour warranty.


Mid-range boiler prices – a typical mid-range like for like boiler such as an Ideal, Logic or a Glow Worm fitted in a 3-bedroom semi would cost from £1350 to £1750 with a 5 to 7 year parts and labour warranty.


High-end boiler prices – a typical top of the range boiler such as Worcester Bosch or Vaillant fitted in a 3-bed semi would cost from £1700 to £2200 with a 8 to 10 year warranty.


What next?

At Bright Gas all our engineers are fully accredited installers of Ideal, Vaillant and Worcester Bosch boilers and Gas Safe registered. We want to make sure that no matter what boiler you choose, you’re getting one we’re happy to install and think is suitable for your family.


If your boiler is in need of replacing then call our team at Bright Gas today. We’re always on hand to help you out! Call Bright Gas on 01924 631177.