Heating engineer or plumber Mirfield?

Heating engineer or plumber Mirfield?

A question we get time and time again from customers is what’s the difference between a plumber and a heating engineer in Mirfield? It’s not as complex as you may have originally thought, but it’s always good to know who you need to call if something goes wrong at home!

What do plumbers do?
Plumbers are primarily responsible for installing and maintaining various types of piping systems and fixtures. Plumbers tend to work on wet and dry pipes. From dishwashers and drains to toilets and sinks, if you’ve got a leak, it’s a plumber you’ll need to call.

Although some plumbers are also capable and qualified to work on heating appliances, it is important to check before hiring one to fix your boiler!

So what do heating engineers do?
For a heating engineer the clue is in the name! Basically heating engineers work solely on the heating appliances, primarily boilers and hot water sources. They carry out a wide range of jobs from maintaining and installing heating to fixing appliances when they break down.

Plumber Mirfield

Heating plumbers tend to work on a wide range of properties including residential, commercial and industrial, ensuring that they are heated safely and efficiently. If a heating engineer is in need of water pipes altering or mending, they may contact a plumber to complete the job properly.

Who do I contact for a boiler repair?
If you are having trouble with your boiler then it is important to hire a heating engineer. If you are in the Mirfield area it is important to search for ‘Heating engineer in Mirfield’ to ensure that you are getting a fully trained engineer and local to the area.

Whilst some plumbers may be able to fix an issue with your boiler, you may need to check that they are qualified to do so.