Frozen Condensate pipes

Frozen Condensate pipes

The unusually cold weather we’re currently experiencing in the UK is starting to play havoc with boilers throughout the area. Many of us are waking up to find that we have no heating or hot water on a freezing cold morning. If this is you, you may find that your boiler is flashing up an error message on its screen, making strange gurgling noises and just not come on at all.


Typically, not much stops a boiler’s condensation freezing over, but in the most extreme weather if can often be difficult to prevent, even if your boiler is performing at 100%.


What is a condensing pipe?

Typically, condensing pipes are small pipes on or near an external wall, usually about 4cm in diameter, which connect to your boiler. They’re often white and plastic. If they freeze then the condensate pipe will build up and then back up into the boiler – which will prevent it from working.


At Bright Gas we ensure they all condensing pipes are fitted internally where possible, if it’s not we run the shortest steepest route to the nearest drain.


Why does my condensing pipe freeze?

The water dripping through the pipe can freeze in cold weather, preventing it from draining away. When this happens, the boiler will shut down. To fix the problem the frozen water needs to be cleared.


So, what do I do when my condensing pipe has frozen?

You may have seen many people online suggesting pouring boiling water on a frozen condensation pipe, but whatever you do PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS! Pouring boiling water over your boiler condensing pipe often leads to damaged pipes and create a bigger problem than before. It’s really important to contact a professional Gas Safe registered engineer to defreeze a condensation pipe.



How can I prevent my condensing pipe freezing?

If you’re concerned about your condensing pipe potentially freezing over then at Bright Gas we do have ways to protect your pipes. At Bright Gas we can provide you with a quote to upgrade your condense pipe to a larger diameter and completely insulate it or where possible, have it rerouted internally where possible.


Unfortunately, a lot of boiler engineers have installed condensing pipes so they are on the outside of the property, which in very cold weather causes them to freeze and block the condensing pipe.


If you’re struggling with a frozen condensing pipe, then call Bright Gas today and our team will advise you on what to do next or advise you on how to prevent it from happening again. Call 01924 631177 to talk to our friendly team today!