Emergency plumber Gomersal

Emergency plumber Gomersal

When you’re in the need of a plumber in an emergency, it is important to know that you have someone to rely on. At Bright Gas we have a comprehensive emergency plumbing plan in place, meaning that when you’ve got an emergency we’ll be there.

Emergency plumber Gomersal: Our latest emergency call out

Last night we had an emergency call out from a distressed customer, who had returned home from a day out to find that their boiler was not on and water was spouting across the bathroom.

Luckily our emergency plumber wasn’t far away in Batley and told the customer exactly what she needed to do not only to keep her calm but also to protect her property and cause minimum damage and was there in 30 minutes. On arrival, our emergency plumber could stop the leak, identify the cause and have the correct parts in his van to repair the boiler in 90 minutes.

After isolating the faulty boiler and removing the water from the system he also completed a service on the boiler as this hadn’t been done for over 3 years. An annual boiler service could have prevented this from occurring and the part replaced sooner.

“Extremely pleased with the work carried out by Bright Gas, especially the engineer that came to my house. When I returned from a full day out of the house I could feel that the house was cold but had no idea that I’d walk into the bathroom to find water spurting everywhere. I had no idea what to do, but Googled for local emergency plumbers and Bright Gas appeared. I was surprised at just how fast they would be at my house and also how helpful they were before they arrived. They were great through the entire process and would recommend to anyone as I was slightly nervous about getting someone in that I’d never used before” Marian Sheridan, Gomersal.

 Emergency plumber Gomersal: What’s next?

Before the team left, our team have provided Marian with a range of different options for the future. The main thing being that she needs to have an annual boiler service to prevent things like this from happening.

If problems keep arising, it may be more economical to have a boiler replacement a – A new Worcester Bosch boiler would come with 10 a year parts and labour guarantee along with a savings on the gas bills by up to £250 a year.

If you need an emergency plumber Gomersal make sure Bright Gas are your first call. 01924 631177.