The Brexit affect: how will plumbing and heating business be affected?

The Brexit affect: how will plumbing and heating business be affected?

The Brexit affect: how will plumbing and heating business be affected?

Since the 23rd June 2016, the UK has been in an unsteady situation over Brexit. The country spoke and decided that it wanted to leave the European Union. In the past 7 months since the referendum decision was made, the Government and business leaders are continuing to discuss the various developments that will result from the UK voting to leave the European Union (EU), with little firm detail emerging.

However, at Bright Gas we have little to worry about and so too do our customers. The plumbing and heating industry is an integral part of British life, plumbing and central heating have become such a large part of our life that we would struggle to comprehend what to do if we didn’t have it. After all, how would we get water, flush our toilets or heat our homes?

At Bright Gas we try to use British brands and materials where possible, not only because they are British but because they are strong and reliable. We work with top manufacturers that develop the latest A-rated energy efficient boilers and controls and we can’t see these well-established businesses changing anything any time soon.

At Bright Gas we believe that Brexit won’t affect how we work and more importantly, Brexit will not affect our loyal customers either. Where possible we use suppliers with manufacturing capacity in the UK, that means they do not need to import parts from around the world and wait for vital trade deals to be put in place.

What remains to be seen is how will Brexit affect plumbing and heating business on prices of raw materials and equipment sourced from outside the UK. This will also be a factor for manufacturers and distributors of pumps, pipes, fittings, valves, radiators and all the other components used by the plumbing and heating sector. Depending on how Brexit develops ad trade deals are created, there is a real possibility that the ‘made in Britain’ label could take on significantly more relevance, especially if it favourably impacts on prices. British parts designed, made and installed in the UK could be coming soon.


There is a long way still to go with Brexit, especially as so far we don’t really know a lot, but looking further ahead the UK government will have to decide on how closely it aligns legislation to the EU market and what the future of British trades will look like.

Although there is little confirmed detail to consider at present, the current pointers indicate that the UK’s heating and plumbing sector can cope with separating from the European Union however a closer look will be needed to ensure the successful running of the industry.