Boiler Plus Policy: Quote for your boiler now to avoid unnecessary costs

Boiler Plus Policy: Quote for your boiler now to avoid unnecessary costs

As you’ll be aware, whenever the government has decided to introduce new legislation it has the potential to cause a period of upheaval.

The recently introduced Boiler Plus legislation is due to impact all homeowners who have or need a boiler, so it’s important that you understand what all this talk of new rules means for you.

Boiler Plus: What you need to know

Boiler Plus is new legislation that is due to be launched by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy; it is designed to encourage energy efficiency, which is meant to help us use less energy and lower our carbon emissions.

The notable point for all households is that this policy will require a new minimum performance for domestic gas boilers. This means that, potentially, your current boiler will need to be replaced with haste.

The minimum performance standard for all domestic boilers will be 92% ErP. The aim of the ErP directive is to remove inefficient products from homes to reduce carbon emissions Europe-wide.

In addition to affecting many homeowners, the legislation will also require all those fitting new combination boilers to include one of the following systems anywhere that they are installing a boiler:

  • Load Compensation
  • Weather Compensation
  • Smart controls

Get your quote now to avoid unnecessary costs

With the arrival of the Boiler Plus legislation, costs for a new boiler are suddenly going to increase. If you know that your boiler is inadequate, costs are going to be swiftly raised by the time you end up changing your boiler if you don’t change it now. With that in mind, it’s time to consider your options.

It’s obviously crucial for you to avoid the rise in costs if you’re going to have to acquire a new boiler sooner rather than later. Fortunately, there is one easy way that you can avoid paying excessive amounts for your new boiler: get your quote today to avoid the impending legislation price increase.

Try our quote calculator to find out how much you could save

Old, inefficient boilers cost a fortune to run; you’re essentially pouring money down the drain. Why do you need to upgrade your boiler?

  • An old boiler won’t heat the home: If your boiler is outdated and ineffective, it isn’t going to be able to heat your home, or if it can, it will do so slowly and expensively.
  • The older the boiler, the higher the bills: When your boiler is well past it’s heyday, it starts to cost a fortune to run. Although your home isn’t adequately heated, you still end up paying significant amounts to attempt heating your home.

If you’re aware that your boiler is no longer pulling its weight, and you’re considering purchasing a new boiler soon, use our quote calculator today. The calculator will accurately tell you how much your new boiler is likely to cost.

Remember: if you think your boiler is on its way out, replace it before the new legislation comes in; you don’t want to have to pay a fortune because you left it too late!