Benefits of getting a new boiler this summer

Benefits of getting a new boiler this summer

Your boiler is croaking and groaning. It’s obviously time for it to be replaced; the question is when to replace your boiler? If you need a new boiler but you know you’re not going to be using it throughout the summer, does it really make sense for you to invest in a new one?

If you do need to buy a new boiler for your property, it has been suggested that summer could in fact be the best time to purchase and install a replacement. At first, this seems illogical; how does it make sense to replace your boiler in the summer months?

Engineers aren’t as busy in the summer months

For boiler engineers, the winter is arguably a great time; they’re very busy for all of the winter months.

Winter is generally the time when things start to go wrong with boilers. Since they’re inevitably getting used a lot, it can result in problems arising rapidly. As a result, boiler engineers are always busy rushing around fixing breakdowns, frozen pipes and a host of other problems that crop up in the winter.

Summer is the ideal period to replace your boiler, as engineers aren’t as busy any longer. You’re more likely to get an appointment that better suits you, and you also have the opportunity to take a look around for the best deal.

You’re warm while your boiler is replaced

In the winter months, you’re going to want to guarantee your house is always heated. If you’re having to wait for a new boiler to be fitted, it’s not an ideal situation when the temperature is reaching frightening lows outside.

As a boiler replacement can typically take a few days, it’s better to transition to a new boiler in the summer months when your home is going to be much warmer than it is during winter. If you wait while winter to have your boiler replaced, you run the risk of your property being very cold and hard to live in.

Your winter bills will be cheaper

If you dread the thought of the heating bill you’re going to have to face this winter, you’re not alone. Especially if you have an old boiler, your bills are going to be high; your bills are only going to become more expensive the longer you stick with your out-of-date boiler.

If you are truly fearing the bills to come this winter, replacing your boiler in the summer months can radically reduce your heating bill.

The majority of modern boilers will end up saving you money, as they’re far more efficient than the older boilers in most households. The new, popular style of boiler can end up saving you hundreds of pounds every year, demonstrating that your investment is certain to be worthwhile.

Replacing your boiler in the summer is surely the way to go if your current boiler just isn’t pulling its weight anymore. To find out how much a boiler will potentially cost you, use our free instant quote generator today; a quote will be generated in 30 seconds!