Dewsbury general plumbing

Dewsbury general plumbing

At Bright Gas we are a local plumber providing plumbing and heating solutions to homes in and around the Dewsbury area, including Mirfield and Ossett. As a family run business, we take pride in the quality of our work and ensure that we always provide a high quality services to every customer. Covering all aspects of plumbing and heating, our combination of experience and industry standards know-how enables us to deliver outstanding results on every task.

When out on jobs we are often asked if we can fix additional plumbing issues, and most of the time the answer is yes! At Bright Gas we are a family run business operating in our home town, so we want to be able to help the community around us, after all we don’t know when we’d need help from someone else too!

We are able to complete numerous small plumbing jobs. From outside taps to leaking sinks to tap washers we do it all and we treat the small jobs as important as the bigger jobs, such as boiler installations and emergency plumbing repairs.

At Bright Gas out general plumbing services include:

  • plumbing in washers
  • changing taps
  • installing new outdoor garden taps
  • moving radiators
  • fixing leaking sinks – we do it all

Have you got a plumbing job that’s not on the list? Not a problem, call us on 01924 631177 or email and a member of the team will be able to advise you as to whether or not we will be able to help and if we can not, we will advise you as to who might be able to help you.


We take a conscientious approach to smaller installation, repairs and maintenance work in your home, delivering great results with minimal disruption for you and your family. We provide a reliable and affordable solutions for general local plumbing solutions and arrange everything around you. After all, you want a plumber that can work around your busy lifestyle .

“Extremely pleased with the work carried out by Bright Gas, especially the engineer that came to my house. I had a number of small plumbing jobs that needed doing, a radiator moving in my bedroom and also changing the washers on a dripping tap in the bathroom. I booked an appointment with Bright Gas and they were able to complete all of my little projects in the same day” Paul Watson, Gomersal.


Why Bright Gas:

✔ We’ll always give you a prompt, reliable and quality service

✔ We are ranked on Trust pilot

✔ Personal professional service

✔ You’ll get a superb and unrivaled aftercare service

✔ We are a Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer

✔ We’re a local, Dewsbury based company whose here to help

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Kirklees boiler: A new boiler is easier than you think

Kirklees boiler: A new boiler is easier than you think

When you’re in need of a new boiler in Kirklees there are tons of different options available to you and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. That’s when our helpful team at Bright Gas can help you out.

Summer is a brilliant time of year to get a new boiler for your property.  Summer isn’t always the time of year you think about getting a new boiler installed in your home, but realistically it’s ideal.

If your boiler is struggling to heat your home or you are constantly having to pay for repairs on a regular basis, then it is time to start thinking about stopping forking out on costly repairs that only have a temporary fix and start investing in a brand-new boiler. Boilers really don’t have to seem as expensive or scary as you may have thought. It is important think of a boiler as an investment in your home, that will benefit you and your family for years to come. Plus, at Bright Gas we offer a buy now, pay later scheme, meaning that you don’t need to fork out for a new boiler all at once.


Kirklees boiler: How does it work?

With no deposit required get your new boiler installed straight away and benefit from having nothing to pay for 12 months. Through our trusted finance partner Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance, Bright Gas can offer you finance with up to 2 years 0% finance available.

Due to our close relationship with Worcester Bosch and outstanding workmanship, we’re one of the few installers in the country that can offer you a 10-year warranty that includes parts and labour! You can be enjoying your new ‘A’ rated boiler in no time at all!

Our tem will work you to not only find the right boiler for you and your property but they will help to find a new boiler that also works for you financially. Afterall, investing in a new boiler isn’t a small task.


At Bright Gas all of our team are fully qualified Gas Safe registered engineers, here to offer advice and complete your new boiler installation. At Bright Gas we specialise in the supply and fitting of boilers, whether it be a combi boiler, system boiler or heat only, we’ll find the ideal solution for you. We work very closely with the top manufacturers of high quality boilers including Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Baxi and Viessman so have access to a wide range of boilers to suit your needs. Plus, as they are all A-rated for energy efficiency, the cost of running the boiler is significantly reduced.


Getting a new boiler can be a lot easier and cost effective than you may realise. Talk to our team today to find out how we can help you!

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Our call out charges explained

Our call out charges explained

Whenever we see an advert for a plumbing company on TV, hear them on the radio or see a printed advertisement for no call out charges, we often doubt whether or not they are being honest. We ask ourselves when is a plumbing call out free and when is it chargeable?

At Bright Gas, we want to make ourselves clear on how we operate and the principles of our no call out fee. That way you know exactly what to expect when you pick up the phone and talk to Bright Gas.


Working hours call outs

During our typical working hours, we will send an engineer free of charge to diagnose any faults on boilers and heating systems that you may be experiencing. If a fault is detected our team will provide a complete quote for the cost of repairing your boiler or heating system, from which you can decide to accept or decline.

If you decline our quote to fix the issue with your central heating system or boiler, Bright Gas can still help by offering our diagnosis service which is a minimum set charge to cover the time spent diagnosing the fault in your property.

If you accept our quote to solve your boiler issues we will do our upmost to fix your boiler or central heating system there and then, saving you time and the inconvenience of having to wait in for a heating engineer to call later in the day. We will give you a fixed price for the cost of repairing the problem, which includes both parts and labour regardless of how long it takes to resolve the issue.


Out of hours call outs

Our out of hours call outs are not free of charge as we have to pay an engineer to be on standby and to attend the job. We want to be as honest as possible with you, and this is the reason we change for out of hours call outs.

We will typically only attend emergencies out of hours such as gas leaks and water leaks to make the home owner and the property safe as this is our main priority for any customer. The out of hours call charge will depend on the time of day and day of the week but will give you an accurate price before we arrive so that you are 100% happy before we even get to your property.


West Yorkshire call outs

Our central heating engineers have a vast knowledge of boiler faults on most industry recognised boiler brands, including Worcester Bosch, Baxi and Viessmann. During your initial phone call, we can typically tell you if we can fix your boiler during our visit.

We have boiler repair engineers and emergency plumbers covering Dewsbury, Batley, Ossett, Horbury, Mirfield and Wakefield.


If you need an emergency plumber Gomersal make sure Bright Gas are your first call 01924 631177.

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Emergency plumber Gomersal

Emergency plumber Gomersal

When you’re in the need of a plumber in an emergency, it is important to know that you have someone to rely on. At Bright Gas we have a comprehensive emergency plumbing plan in place, meaning that when you’ve got an emergency we’ll be there.

Emergency plumber Gomersal: Our latest emergency call out

Last night we had an emergency call out from a distressed customer, who had returned home from a day out to find that their boiler was not on and water was spouting across the bathroom.

Luckily our emergency plumber wasn’t far away in Batley and told the customer exactly what she needed to do not only to keep her calm but also to protect her property and cause minimum damage and was there in 30 minutes. On arrival, our emergency plumber could stop the leak, identify the cause and have the correct parts in his van to repair the boiler in 90 minutes.

After isolating the faulty boiler and removing the water from the system he also completed a service on the boiler as this hadn’t been done for over 3 years. An annual boiler service could have prevented this from occurring and the part replaced sooner.

“Extremely pleased with the work carried out by Bright Gas, especially the engineer that came to my house. When I returned from a full day out of the house I could feel that the house was cold but had no idea that I’d walk into the bathroom to find water spurting everywhere. I had no idea what to do, but Googled for local emergency plumbers and Bright Gas appeared. I was surprised at just how fast they would be at my house and also how helpful they were before they arrived. They were great through the entire process and would recommend to anyone as I was slightly nervous about getting someone in that I’d never used before” Marian Sheridan, Gomersal.

 Emergency plumber Gomersal: What’s next?

Before the team left, our team have provided Marian with a range of different options for the future. The main thing being that she needs to have an annual boiler service to prevent things like this from happening.

If problems keep arising, it may be more economical to have a boiler replacement a – A new Worcester Bosch boiler would come with 10 a year parts and labour guarantee along with a savings on the gas bills by up to £250 a year.

If you need an emergency plumber Gomersal make sure Bright Gas are your first call. 01924 631177.

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How much is a new boiler?

How much is a new boiler?

At Bright Gas, we understand that investing in a new boiler is a serious investment. That’s why we make sure that all boilers are individually designed and installed to suit your property and your specific needs. Your boiler is the heart of your home; heating up radiators, providing hot water for baths and showers and keeping you warm and comfortable in your home. So, it’s important that you get everything perfect.

Often boiler and central heating systems often go hand in hand, to create the most effective and energy efficient system, saving you both time and money. There comes a time when a new boiler is an essential and there’s no getting around it. However, the question we get asked all the time is ‘How much will a new gas boiler cost me?’


We often have this question and while no install is the same we can often give you a very accurate guide price with a few questions and assessing your current boiler set up.


What type of boiler do you want to install?


One of the biggest cost factors involved when installing a new boiler will depend on the size and type of boiler you require, and the installation company you use. Typically, new boilers cost between £1000 – £2300.  However, the most important thing is finding a boiler that suits both you and your home.

In today’s market the biggest seller and most popular type of boiler is the combi boiler. A combi boiler heats water directly from the mains, allowing a constant supply of hot water and alleviating the need for a separate water tank.

They are one of the most efficient types of boiler as they will only heat water on demand.

However, just as there are many different types of homes, so there are many different types of boiler; including conventional, system and back boilers.


How much is a new boiler?

Boiler prices vary considerably as a result of build qualities and levels of after-sales support. As a general rule, budget boilers offer shorter life spans, shorter warranties and reduced levels of customer support. Whilst they are cheap to install they tend to be expensive to maintain and less efficient to run.

As a general guide the lower down the pricing range you go then the lower the warranty and guarantee period on your new boiler would be. A typical lower priced boiler comes come with a 2 year parts and labour warranty whereas a top of the range boiler often 10 year warranty, which is a massive difference and the price isn’t necessarily that much more expensive – especially when you think your boiler may be covered for an additional 8 years.


Here’s our quick pricing guide:


Budget-friendly boiler prices – a typical like for like boiler such as a Ravenheat or a Vokera fitted in 3 bedroom semi would cost from £1100 to £1300 with a 2 to 5 year parts and labour warranty.


Mid-range boiler prices – a typical mid-range like for like boiler such as an Ideal, Logic or a Glow Worm fitted in a 3-bedroom semi would cost from £1350 to £1750 with a 5 to 7 year parts and labour warranty.


High-end boiler prices – a typical top of the range boiler such as Worcester Bosch or Vaillant fitted in a 3-bed semi would cost from £1700 to £2200 with a 8 to 10 year warranty.


What next?

At Bright Gas all our engineers are fully accredited installers of Ideal, Vaillant and Worcester Bosch boilers and Gas Safe registered. We want to make sure that no matter what boiler you choose, you’re getting one we’re happy to install and think is suitable for your family.


If your boiler is in need of replacing then call our team at Bright Gas today. We’re always on hand to help you out! Call Bright Gas on 01924 631177.

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