Leeds Plumber

Leeds Plumber

There is always a need for Leeds plumbers on a daily basis, whether it be an issue with a heating system or a burst pipe, you never know when you are going to need a plumber.

Leeds plumbers are something that not everyone thinks to have a phone number handy for, but when an emergency situation arises, it is important to have a quality Leeds plumber on hand. In such a busy and vibrant city, you never know when something could go wrong and spoil your day.

Having a full functioning boiler and heating system is something many of us often take for granted, it is not until something does not go to plan that you often find that you are in urgent need of a plumber.

At Bright Gas we cover all aspects of plumbing and heating solutions in and around the Leeds area. Whether it be due to a boiler breakdown, emergency call out, boiler services or bathroom installations, at Bright Gas we can cover it all.

New Boilers
Our team at Bright Gas understand that investing in a new boiler is a serious investment. That’s why we make sure that we help you through the entire process. We work very closely with top industry leading boiler manufacturers, including Worcester Bosch, Baxi and Viessmann, which allows us to find the ideal boiler for your property from a range of differ suppliers.
At Bright Gas our team are all highly trained Gas Safe registered engineers, so that you can be assured that all of our engineers are trained to a high standard during the entirety of your installation. When looking for Leeds plumbers with experience in quality boiler installations, look no further than Bright Gas.

Emergency Call Outs
When in an emergency situation, we understand that you need help as quickly as possible. Whether it is gas leak, burst pipe or major issue with your heating system, one of our engineers will do their best to get to you as quickly as possible.
At Bright Gas we make sure that when you are searching for Leeds plumbers that we are the team to help you out of a mess situation.

Extend the life of your boiler, reducing costly repairs, break downs and call out charges simply by investing in a power flush. Designed to clears the build-up of lime scale and sludge in your heating system, you can prevent heating problems arising such radiators not heating properly to stopping your boiler circulating hot water.

When you’re looking for Leeds plumbers, make sure to call Bright Gas for help!

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Boiler Repair Huddersfield

Boiler Repair Huddersfield

This week we were called out to an emergency boiler repair Huddersfield in Deighton for a young family who had no hot water or heating. They had moved into the property three years previously and had no issues at all with their boiler since they took ownership of their home. No one had any experience with boilers and had no idea what to do so decided to contact a gas safe engineer and found our details on our website.

It wasn’t too bad they had no heating as it was summer but it was quickly becoming a nightmare not having any hot water with two young children. They were also concerned that due to the age and appearance of the boiler it would need replacing entirely at a cost in excess of £1000.

It quickly became apparent that their Worcester Bosch boiler had not been serviced for some years and certainly hadn’t been serviced in the three years they had lived there. We quickly did a full inspection of the boiler and determined that it was still in reasonable condition, despite its cosmetic appearance and was certainly worth trying to repair.

Boiler Repair Huddersfield

We got to work following our standard series of inspection test to make sure the obvious quick fixes are checked first such as an electrical issue like a fuse or a water feed issue.

Finally our diagnosis lead to the conclusion that a fan needed replacing as it had failed. Fortunately we could quickly get a compatible part from the local plumber’s merchant in Huddersfield the same day. All in all, we were only there two hours and managed to repair their existing boiler and perform a full service at the same time.

The family were up and running again the same day safe in the knowledge their boiler didn’t need replacing and wouldn’t need a service again for another 12 months.

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